Tomás López-Pumarejo Scores Prestigious Visiting Professorship in Barcelona

Brooklyn, N.Y.—Professor of Finance and Business Management Tomás A. López-Pumarejo knows perfectly well how much technology has changed the way that people work. To prove it, he decided to head off to the beach in Miami this semester while teaching a few online courses, including one on how to effectively incorporate Web 2.0 applications into the workplace.

Later this spring, López-Pumarejo will take those lessons of technology and flexibility to Spain. As a visiting professor at the Autonomous University of Barcelona, he will teach a course that is part of a graduate seminar on how new media technologies are altering the workplace.

“There has been a cultural change in society,” says López-Pumarejo, who helped to establish an exchange program between Brooklyn College and the Autonomous University of Barcelona. “We work differently because of the way these technologies have changed us. We no longer even think the same way.”

López-Pumarejo, considered one of the foremost experts on telenovelas, the wildly popular Spanish-language soap operas, was approached to participate in the seminar because of his work on an international research team that is studying the television industries in Spanish- and Portuguese-speaking countries.

The seminar is being funded by Spain’s Ministry of Education and will take a broad look at the latest developments in communication technologies and the impact they are having on such media as television and film.