Mellon Seminar Fellowship Awarded to Dr. Robert Maryks

Dr. Robert Maryks, Associate Professor in the Department of History, has been awarded a Mellon Seminar Fellowship by the Committee on the Study of Religion at the CUNY Graduate Center. The Fellowship will enable Dr. Maryks to participate in the Committee’s ongoing seminar for the 2012-2013 academic year. The seminar topic will be “Catastrophe,” and Dr. Maryks’s study will focus on debates between Jesuits and their rationalist opponents following the Lisbon earthquake of 1755, a deadly event which shook the minds and consciences of many people during the “Age of Reason.” Dr. Maryks is the author of three books and numerous articles on Jesuit history, and is editor-in-chief of the newly founded Journal of Jesuit Interdisciplinary Studies.