BCC Student Selected to work in Material Science Laboratory, University of Texas

Jason Palladini, a biology major at Bronx Community College, has been selected to work in the Material Science Laboratory, University of Texas, Austin for the summer 2012. The internship is for two months, June-July. His food, accommodation and the air fare are covered in addition to the $1000 stipend from the University of Texas. Jason will also receive $3,000 from the NSF funded Pathways to Chemical Technology Education and Careers grant between York College and BCC. He will be working under the supervision of Dr. Arumugam Manthiram, the Director of Material Science Institute, University of Texas. Dr. Manthiram’s lab is developing low cost, more efficient materials that can facilitate widespread commercialization of clean energy technologies such as fuel cells, solar cells, high energy density batteries, and supercapacitors to address the world’s energy and environmental challenges. The research also encompasses a broad range of activities including design of new materials based on basic chemistry and physics concepts, novel chemical synthesis and processing.
Jason will be working on synthesis and characterization of transition metal oxides for lithium ion batteries and fuel cells.