Clips of the Week


Here are some inspiring clips as we hit the homestretch:

•Michelle Gross scored a Daily Beast clip with this Cinco de Mayo-pegged culinary piece.

•Anika Anand and Kenny Christensen’s video-and-print profile of a subway dancer found a home on DNA Info.

•Evan Buxbaum, Althea Chang and Tom DiChristopher teamed on this video about the new taxis. Their work made Forbes’ site.

•Elbert Chu reported on efforts to stem bullying for The New York Times’ SchoolBook blog.

•Lauren Friedman’s essay on language theories made Katachi magazine.

•Tristan Hallman’s story about a proposed change to taxi medallion ownership rules was featured in Our Town.

•Our News Service has been busy: Kizzy Cox profiled a Flamenco enthusiast who was a former “Project Runway” contestant. Natalia Osipova posted an interactive graphic ranking food trucks with top social media operations. The News Service – along with The Local – posted team live coverage of Mother’s Day events ( Kimie Bunyasaranand, Erin Horan, Dobrina Zhekova, Matt McNulty, Dennis O’Reilly and Adam Warner) and the Brooklyn Food Conference (Lindsay Armstrong, Melissa Bykofsky, Zara Katz, Gwen McClure, Kevin Reilly and Taylor Tepper).

•Speaking of The Local, the latest posts include contributions by, among others, Joe Stepanksy, Linda Villarosa and Kyle McGovern.

In our Alumni Corner:

•Our alums contributed to the breaking coverage of the recent tragic Bronx SUV crash, reporting variously for The Wall Street Journal (Hannah Rappleye), the Daily News (Mark Morales), the New York Post (Jessica Simeone), Newsday (Igor Kossov) and (Patrick Wall).

•DNA Info’s Ben Fractenberg (Internet Feature Photo) and Andrea Swalec (Internet Spot News) won New York Press Club awards. Damian Ghigliotty and Joseph Walker were part of a Dow Jones team that took home Internet Consumer Reporting honors. You’ll find more details here.

•Aisha Al-Muslim’s article about a pushback on a police-related tax made Newsday’s front page. Meanwhile, Ashley Welch reported on Second Avenue Subway construction complaints for the paper.

•Heather Appel’s story about an immigrant cleaning woman eeking out a living in New Jersey amid a debate over whether to raise the state’s minimum wage made Women’s eNews.

•Jonathan Balthaser worked on this diet piece for 20/20 and filed a related post.

•Jordan Shakeshaft’s piece for about breathing techniques for exercise got picked up by The Huffington Post.

•Almudena Toral’s capstone examining the scourge of child rape in Liberia made Time magazine’s Global Spin blog. Almudena got an assist from alum Valerie Lapinski, who narrates the video.

Congrats to all — and keep ‘em coming!