Lessons from the Holocaust: Nebraska Students Travel to Queensborough

Twenty-five students from York College in Omaha, Nebraska, traveled across the country to take a class at Queensborough’s Kupferberg Holocaust Resource Center.

The visit on May 15 included meeting with survivors and hearing their stories. Most of the students plan to teach history and say they want to gain a thorough understanding of the Holocaust. It was the second such trip for York College students.

“Coming here again is one of the highlights of our trip,” said York College professor Erin DeHart.

“The Holocaust Center is an example of why it’s important to learn outside of the classroom,” she added. “I want my students to experience this powerful account of history and the caliber of art and culture that only New York can offer.

“I knew the Holocaust took place in Europe, but I was surprised to learn that it took place in my own country,” said York College student Chris Kistenogu, who was born in Igoumenitsa, Greece.

Michael Lough kept a journal of illustrations to document his visit to New York City, including sketches of the Holocaust.

“To learn of the stories of the Holocaust survivors will help the students be more effective teachers but also, they will have fulfilled an obligation to the survivors that they will not be forgotten,” said Dr. Arthur Flug, executive director of the Kupferberg Holocaust Center.

Other stops included the Museum of Jewish Heritage in New York and the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington, D.C.