Clips of the Week


Here are some fine semester-capping clips:

•Melissa Noel’s story about fashion trucks made

•Eli Chen, working for The New York Times’ Green blog, interviewed a photographer who chases the northern lights.

•Nabil Rahman’s video profile of an Astoria chef who combines the fine and culinary arts made the Queens West Villager site.

•Anika Anand’s video-and-print package about young entrepreneurs in the Bronx found a home in the Mott Haven Herald.

•The latest on The Local includes contributions by, among others, Carla Astudillo, Erin Horan, Joe Stepansky, Linda Villarosa, Colin Weatherby and Kyle McGovern.

Our reporters produced five projects out of Craft II classes, including:

The Doctor Drain (Contributors: Sarah Amandolare, Kemiga Bunyasaranand, Guia Marie Del Prado, Michelle Gross, Jacob Hodes, Zara Katz, Lisa Mahapatra, Daisy Rosario, Joseph Stepansky, Jane Teeling, Taylor Tepper and Dobrina Zhekova)

Haven on the Harlem (Contributors: Anika Anand, Melissa Bykofsky, Eli Chen, Cara Eisenpress, Lisa Turner, Anna Halkidis, Katherine (Ye Won) Lee, Kevin Loria, Amora McDaniel, Matthew McNulty, Jorteh Senah, Christine Streich, Brenna Walton and Colin Weatherby)

Homecoming: NYC Vets Return (Contributors: Willis Arnold, Sean Carlson, Joanna Fantozzi, Casey Quinlan, Ajai Raj, Alex Robinson, Paulette Safdieh, Mary Shell, Kamana Shrestha, Chester Jesus Soria, Julie Strickland, Vanessa Vennard and Amanda Woods)

The Sixth Borough (Contributors: Lindsay Armstrong, Carla Astudillo, Claudia Bracholdt, Ken Christensen, Tristan Hallman, Madhura Karnik, Peter Moskowitz and Jackie Snow)

Changing Neighborhoods (Contributors: Amanda Aponte-Moses, Oulimata Ba, Elbert Chu, Katie Chow, Shannon Firth, Menglin Huang, Patricia Rey Mallen, Natalia V. Osipova, Nabil Rahman, David Sanchirico and Rachel Sapin)

Some news from our Alumni Corner:

•Carmel Delshad, working for WUSF radio, reported on Egyptians in Florida voting in their home country’s presidential election.

•Matt Draper’s piece about Brazillian immigrants making a living walking dogs made NPR’s Latino USA.

•Channon Hodge and Hannah Miet’s video about a program that teaches young offenders recording studio skills was featured on The New York Times’ City Room blog, along with Hannah’s accompanying print piece.

•Hannah Rappleye and Lisa Riordan Seville received Soros Justice Fellowships from the Open Society Foundation. They’ll examine the nation’s evolving probation systems.

•The Daily Pilot’s Mike Reicher took first place in education reporting in the California Newspapers Publishers Association’s (CNPA) annual Better Newspapers Contest for his “School Flight” series.

• Samantha Stark produced a video profile of a couple married 20 years for The New York Times’ Vows section.

To answer a couple of commonly asked questions: Yes, the News Service is open for business during the summer. Feel to send me stories anytime — I’ll be around for much of the break. And, yes, there will be an occasional “Clips of the Week” note during the summer, so please keep sending those links as you make news in the coming weeks.

Congrats to all on a semester to remember – and best of luck on your internships!