New Path for Foreign Students to Earn Their Queens College Degree

Without a good command of English, inter­national students cannot pursue a college education in the United States. Queens College/ELI Path—an alternative admissions process involving the English Language Institute— provides talented foreign candidates with a route to a degree.

Launched just two months ago, QC/ ELI Path offers provisional acceptance to undergraduate transfers and graduate students who meet all academic require­ments other than English skills. Before they can matriculate as full-time students, they must pass the equivalent of ELI’s Level 6 or get the mini­mum TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) score demanded by their par­ticular program.

The new QC/ELI initiative may liter­ally smooth the road for some applicants: Students from certain countries are more likely to receive an American visa if they are enrolled in a degree program, as opposed to just English classes.

QC will also benefit from this arrange­ment, observes Donna Gruber, executive director of the ELI. “These students bring a rich, international perspective to the Queens College campus, whose student body is one of America’s most diverse,” says Gruber, who spent half a year on QC/ELI Path-building. “By engaging in dialog with one another, all of the students enhance their glob­al awareness—a necessity in today’s globally connected job market.”

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Contact: Phyllis Cohen Stevens
Deputy Director of News Services

Maria Matteo
Assistant Director of News Services