Lehman College Goes Tobacco Free July 1

The campus of Lehman College will become tobacco-free on Sunday, July 1, and the smoking or consumption of tobacco in any form will not be permitted, indoors or outdoors.

The new policy applies to visitors as well as to students, faculty, and staff and is in accordance with new rules adopted by the trustees of the City University of New York in January 2011. All twenty-three CUNY colleges will institute the same policy no later than September 2012, making CUNY the biggest smoke-free public university system in the United States.

The new policy expands the University’s current ban on smoking inside all facilities and vehicles to include all outdoor grounds. It also bars all tobacco-industry promotions and marketing, including sponsorship of athletic events and athletes.

While classrooms and administrative offices have been smoke-free at Lehman for many years, audiences who attend concerts and sporting events will now need to go off-campus to smoke, even if the event is held outdoors. Tobacco consumption—in any form—will not be permitted anywhere on campus.

The new tobacco policy is part of a growing trend among colleges across the country—more than 500 to date have adopted such measures, including most recently the University of Buffalo and Columbia University.

To help smokers make the transition, Lehman is getting the word out through posters, digital notices and a series of smoking-cessation programs.

“With the new policy, Lehman looks forward to healthier students, staff, faculty and visitors, along with cleaner air for the entire community,” said Prof. Cynthia K. Hosay of the College’s Health Sciences Department.