Hostos to Host the 2012 International Learning Styles Conference

Hostos Community College will soon be home to a four-day international think tank comprised of teachers, administrators and others who will discuss educational issues and strategies in a variety of settings.

The 2012 International Learning Styles Conference will be held from July 9-12 and it is the first time Hostos Community College has been chosen as host for the 32-year-old annual event.

Over 100 people from 12 countries across five continents will descend on Hostos, including those from Bermuda, Colombia, Kenya, Qatar, and Singpore as scholars will showcase innovative pedagogical practices and current learning style research.

The event includes nearly 50 different sessions and a variety of dynamic keynote speakers, including:

  • Dr. Christine Mangino, the Associate Dean of the Division of Academic Affairs at Hostos Community College. Professor Mangino came to Hostos Community College in Fall 2004. She holds a doctorate in Instructional Leadership and a Masters in Elementary Education. Dr. Mangino’s research interests are in learning styles and distance education.
  • Dr. Karen Burke, an Associate Professor, Instructional Leadership Doctoral Program in the Department of Education and Educational Psychology at Western Connecticut State University. She has been active in education for 25 years as a classroom teacher, assistant principal, professor, staff developer, and researcher.
  • Dr. Lois Favre, the superintendent of the Bridgehampton School District. She has spent four years at Monroe-Woodbury Central School District as Director of Pupil Personnel Services for Special Education before joining the Lakeland Central School District in 2005. After one year she was named Assistant Superintendent for Instruction and Curriculum.
  • Henry Tenedero, the Main Convenor of the One Nation Learning Advocacy which espouses the belief that between hope and despair, education is the great equalizer. He served as the Executive Vice President of the Philippine Marketing Association 2011.
  • Dr. Derek Tully, President of the Bermuda Middle School Association and regular presenter at AMLE Conferences where he focuses on the learning styles of boys and how to motivate them with a learning-styles based program.
  • Dr. Regina T. White-Chereskin, who retired from public education in 1999 after 36 years. She was later appointed the Educational Director of the Holocaust Memorial and Educational Center of Nassau County and expanded the programs that the Center offers to include increased staff development and materials for Holocaust and Tolerance Education, for students, teachers, administrators, parents, and the workplace.

Some topics that will be covered in the sessions include, “How to Support Adult Students’ Learning Preferences via Coaching and Counseling when Using Problem-Based Learning,” “Bricks and Mortar: The Integral Relationships between Universal Design for Learning and Learning Styles” and “Learning Pre-Algebra and Algebra Concepts with Virtual Manipulatives.”

There will also be an interdisciplinary roundtable discussion of the relation between learning styles and innovative teaching strategies for community college students.

Dr. Mangino will be the last speaker on Thursday, July 12. She has taught an array of undergraduate education courses and has created the education program to be completely asynchronous to allow students the option of taking the program online or on campus. She has presented at national and international conferences on topics such as differentiated instruction and learning styles for teachers K-16, and has conducted workshops for parents on child development topics such as: positive discipline techniques, adolescents and rebellion, and building self-esteem.

“The research supports, that if we teach students the way they learn, students not only do better academically, but are also more engaged and attentive. This is true for every age group. This conference is a wonderful opportunity to discover new strategies to reach all the students in your classroom, not just those who learn in a traditional setting,” said Dr. Mangino

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