Health Coverage for Same-Sex Partners

New York State now recognizes same-sex marriage but the federal government does not. Nor does it recognize domestic partnerships. Therefore, in order to get the full benefit of health care coverage available to the same-sex spouses and/or domestic partners of CUNY employees, those spouses/partners must enroll in Medicare Parts A and B when they reach 65. At that golden age, Medicare will become primary and the New York City health coverage they receive through their spouse/partner’s employment becomes secondary.

In dollars and cents, this means Medicare will pay 80 percent and the city coverage 20 percent of medical claims. If your same-sex partner is over 65 and has not already enrolled in Medicare Parts A and B or does not have coverage through his or her employer, it is essential that she/he enroll in Medicare to maintain maximum coverage and avoid additional medical expenses. Your Human Resources office can help navigate this road.