Inside Lehman Wins Three Awards

BRONX, N.Y.—Inside Lehman XII, Lehman College’s student co-produced video news magazine, has won three awards—the Videographer Award of Distinction, the Communicator Award of Distinction, and the Hermes Creative Award (gold). They bring the total number of awards won by the magazine to twenty-five since 2004.

“The show’s main goal is to provide professional hands-on training for our students and also to produce programs that are informative and entertaining to the general public,” said Lynne Van Voorhis, executive producer of Inside Lehman. “The awards are evidence that our students are succeeding beyond all expectations, which is exciting to all of our participants and the College. The program’s producer, Tom O’Hanlon, guides the students to aim for excellence in their work and ultimately prepares them for the possibility of a career in the profession.”

The news magazine typically features five stories, each ranging between five to seven minutes in length and focusing on work being conducted by faculty and students, campus initiatives, and issues that impact the surrounding community.

The most recent production included a story on asthma in the Bronx and the link between poverty and air quality in certain urban, industrial settings. A segment on noise-induced hearing loss discussed appropriate levels of noise consumption, how to prevent hearing loss, and the consequences of ignoring these recommendations.

Another story on Korean studies followed one student’s quest to comply with foreign language requirements despite being unable to read or write due to an earlier accident. With some creative thinking on the part of administration, Henry Chang was able to enroll in an independent study program in the Korean language designed by the Lehman Department of Languages and Literatures. He was then paired with two Korean students—one exchange student and another earning her degree at Lehman, who taught the class and offered tutoring, thereby helping him fulfill his requirements and graduate.

Other segments featured a story on eating healthy while on a budget and modern dance, which showed prospective dancers how to enter the professional arena.

The Videographer Awards is an international competition designed to recognize excellence in video productions, television commercials, news, program and digital media. The Communicator Awards are judged and overseen by the International Academy of the Visual Arts, and the Hermes Creative Awards is an international competition for creative professionals involved in the concept, writing and design of both traditional materials and programs and emerging technologies.

“Inside Lehman” is available on CUNY-TV and on the Lehman YouTube site at

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