Grant Will Advance Technological Skills of Nursing Students

The Department of Nursing at Queensborough Community College has been awarded a 2012-13 Workforce Development Initiative (WDI) grant to further prepare nursing students for the technologically-sophisticated healthcare workforce.

“There is a growing expectation for nurses, especially new graduates, to use complex information management systems that require competency in informatics technology to improve the quality and effectiveness of patient care. This grant will enable all students to access web-based point of care references and resources to implement evidence based clinical decision-making,” said nursing professor Margaret Reilly.

Professor Reilly is co-author of a proposal—TECH-SET RNs (Technology Education to Enhance Skills in Simulation, Electronic Health Records and Tele-Health for RNs)—designed to build on a previous WDI grant awarded in 2011-2012 which focused on conducting research and faculty development in applied informatics technology and educational techniques to integrate simulation, electronic health records and Tele-Health into the curriculum.

“As the only CUNY nursing program with Tele-Health equipment, this WDI will focus on simulated patient scenarios and workshops for faculty and educators in the New York City area,” said Galatia Iakovou, assistant professor of nursing who co-authored the proposal with Professor Reilly.

The nursing department—which features a Virtual Hospital—includes a replicated home care “apartment.” In a room separate from the apartment, nursing students utilize a Tele-Health station to monitor vital signs and respond to other simulated patient health changes. The training will give nursing graduates an advantage when seeking employment in community home care settings.

Professor Reilly added, “The need for RNs will continue to be in greater demand as the population over the age of 65 is expected to double over the next decade. The 2010 Institute of Medicine report on The Future of Nursing reports that new models of care delivery that incorporate informatics technology will require nurses to be educated in new methods of care management and care delivery. At Queensborough, we are addressing strategies that transform knowledge and skill to provide the health care required for the 21st century.”

Queensborough offers a Dual/Joint program with Hunter Bellevue School of Nursing, leading to a baccalaureate degree in nursing. The goal of the program is to alleviate the chronic nursing shortage in New York by increasing the number of professional nurses educated at the baccalaureate level, ready to pursue a graduate education.