Family of Artists Share Charm of Their Spanish Town in “Three Generations” An Exhibit to Open at the QCC Art Gallery, October 12

Vibrant paintings and drawings of villages, bullfights and carnivals brings to life Ayamonte, Spain, the historic town where artists Raphael, Florencio and Chencho Aguilera launched their artistic careers. Their exhibit, Three Generations, opens at the QCC Art Gallery on October 12 and runs through January 5, 2013.

Florencio Aguilera, whose studio is located in Ayamonte’s Plaza de San Francisco, has shown his work throughout Europe, South America and across the U.S. His many accolades through the years include being named a scholar of the Royal Academy of Fine Arts of Cadiz in 2005.

Chencho was inspired to become an artist because of his father, Florencio, and his grandfather, Raphael, who passed away in 1998. “I remember my grandfather painting in his tiny studio, surrounded by big canvases inhabited by characters that flooded his colorful world.”

“The three generations of the Aguilera family have each given us their perspectives on society, each in their own unique way, through the good and bad periods of twentieth century Spain,” said Faustino Quintanilla, Executive Director of the QCC Art Gallery. “The traditional folk art that Rafael produces gives us a chance to look at others, as we would look at ourselves, while Florencio’s art brings us into a new world altogether. Chencho conveys the strong urge to look into the unknown. The wonder is that they each generated a totally new vision of life that could be considered within the mind of the viewer.”

Other QCC Art Gallery exhibits that showcased Spanish artists have included the major show, “A Perpetual Metamorphosis,” an extensive collection of Pablo Picasso’s prints. The exhibit, which opened in 2008, drew wide acclaim.

The QCC Art Gallery, an educational and cultural resource for Queensborough Community College, as well as for all New York City and Long Island communities, boasts a superb permanent African Art Collection that has received critical acclaim from The New York Times art critic, Holland Cotter who states, “Queensborough Community College has quietly assembled an impressive collection of African Art…with luck, other university galleries around the country will emulate it.” Over the years, the QCC Art Gallery has installed major exhibits of wide-ranging interests such as Post-Modernism paintings, Pre-Columbian Art, sculpture, photography, Chinese pottery, and works of established and emerging artists.