Moving On Up

Moving On Up

BMCC continues to proudly offer classes uptown, at a brand new location: 5030 Broadway (Inwood), also known as “CUNY in the Heights” (CITH).

“‘CITH rocks with energy and is the shining star of learning on Upper Broadway,” says Professor Golda Solomon, who teaches speech courses at CITH/Inwood. “Our new building is testament to the fact that CUNY cares, and is on par with private colleges where updated classroom technology is a given.”

The new site provides BMCC students and faculty with a cutting edge facility “where students receive the same quality education at CITH that they would receive downtown on the main campus,” says Erwin Wong, BMCC’s Dean of Academic Affairs. “In many cases, the faculty who teach at CITH also teach downtown.”

New location, new technology, new design
CITH/Inwood’s current space, which is shared with Hostos Community College, officially opened this semester, offering more than 30 courses including math, psychology and English.

“CITH/Inwood offers state-of-the-art facilities, such as ‘smart’ classrooms with white boards, long tables rather than desks, new chairs, a computer lab for student use, a lobby, and a student lounge which will be shared with Hostos students,” says Dr. Sadie Bragg, Senior Vice President, Academic Affairs.  There is also Wi-Fi internet, and portals in the student lounge to charge educational gadgets, such as laptops.

Additionally, CITH/Inwood, located just around the corner from its previous location, is accessible. It’s street-level; so no stairs, escalators, or narrow hallways hinder navigation, allowing easier access for those who need assistance.

Appealing to students
“The new site is beautiful, clean, and spacious. The modern décor has a CUNY touch that we students appreciate,” says Stephen Martinez, a Criminal Justice major taking an English class uptown.

“Plus, it’s just a few blocks from its former location. On the subway, you just take the A train to 207th Street or the 1 train to 215th Street. These are two of the many subways you can take to the Tribeca campus as well.”

While CITH/Inwood students still have the majority of their courses downtown, they like the option of uptown classes.

“Most credit-bearing classes, such as English and Speech, are required for graduation, so they fill up fast,” explains Conrad Wells, Evening/Weekend Program Assistant. “However, if a popular class is filled over at the main campus in Tribeca, there’s a good chance that same class is offered at CITH/Inwood, and has spots available.”

“Taking classes uptown is an ideal opportunity for busy people juggling work and family responsibilities,” says Sandra Rumayor, Director, Evening/Weekend Program. “Nursing students, for example, can easily travel from their jobs or internships at an uptown hospital to ‘CUNY in the Heights’.”

Inwood’s charms
Aspiring nurse Katherine Mendez is a full-time BMCC student taking two classes at CITH/Inwood.

“I live at 232nd Street in Manhattan, and enjoy taking classes closer to home,” she says, adding that it’s “academically motivating” to attend classes in a new building.

Inwood has an eclectic charm that appeals to students. Rich in American history, Inwood is home to museums, parks, boutiques, and historical landmarks.

“There’s a wonderful vibe to downtown Manhattan, and a community feel to uptown Manhattan,” says Mendez. “So it’s a win-win for students, faculty and staff at both locations.”

NOTE: BMCC’s “CUNY in the Heights”/Inwood site has morning, afternoon, and evening classes Monday through Friday during the Fall and Spring semesters. For more information about BMCC’s offsite programs and classes, click here.