Queensborough’s Biology Students Offer Environmental Lessons during National Estuaries Day at the Festival of Little Neck Bay

Viewing microbial life, learning about fresh water systems and the negative effects of pollution on pond water were among the activities led by Queensborough’s microbiology honors students during the National Estuaries Day at the Festival of Little Neck Bay, held on September 29.

Elementary and middle school students with their teachers, children with parents, and other members of the community made slides of Alley Pond water samples (collected by the honors students), focused the prepared slides under the microscope and watched the microbial life in a drop of pond water on a laptop screen, connected to the microscope.

The three QCC microbiology honors students who participated in the event— Melody To, Jennifer Khan and Jacqueline Budds—described it as a “great learning experience” and all agreed that, “this is what service learning is all about.”

QCC’s microbiology table at the Little Neck Bay Festival is always a popular attraction,” said Dr. Simran Kaur, Associate Professor, Biological Sciences and Geology at Queensborough Community College. “I am proud that for the past three years, our honors students have been participating in this festival as a service learning activity.” Dr. Kaur is also the Co-Project Director of the Science & Technology Entrance Program (STEP) at Queensborough.