Induction of the Newest Thomas W. Smith Academic Fellows in CUNY Baccalaureate for Unique and Interdisciplinary Studies

The following students enrolled in CUNY Baccalaureate (CUNY BA) have been selected as the new Fall 2012 Thomas W. Smith Academic Fellows and will be formally inducted into the Fellowship on November 7 in a ceremony at the CUNY Graduate Center.

Thomas W. Smith Academic Fellowships for CUNY BA studetns are funded through a donation by Mr. Thomas W. Smith to recognize academic excellence. Awards are disbursed in October and February. Subject to maintenance of good academic standing, awards are renewable until the recipient completes all degree contract credits and graduates from the program.

Because the Smith Fellowship recognizes academic excellence, importance is given to the applicant’s GPA and to the seriousness of the applicant’s academic interests and plans. Awards of $2,715 per semester are made to full-time students (minimum 12 credits per semester) and $1,380-$2,070 per semester to part-time students (6-11 credits per semester).

CUNY BA and Mr. Thomas Smith congratulate the newest Smith Fellows:

Nicole Alexander | Social Problems | John Jay

Michael Allamby | Speculation and Economic Studies / Accountancy | Staten Island

Yuki Azuchi | Asian and Asian American Gender Issues | John Jay

Simon Baeriswyl | English: Literature, Language and Criticism / Africana Studies | Hunter

Gene Baldenko | Music -The Miraculous Healer | Queens

Tess Bath | Urban Space and Politics| Hunter

Indra Bohara | Nonprofit Management / Politics and Economic Studies | Hunter

Steve Bollers | Human Services Administration / Counseling Psychology | Medgar Evers 

Lauren Browdy | Photography / Public Relations | City

Aneta Bujno | Psychological Dimensions of Religion | Hunter

Eric Carlsen | Studies in Sustainability Modeling – Food Systems and Business Organization| Brooklyn

Barney Chen | Sustainability and Business / Quantitative Modeling | City

Isabel D’andrada | Environmental Science | Hunter

Rachel Eden | Social Justice and Multicultural Studies | City

Abraham Esses | International Politics / International Financial Economics | Brooklyn

Jessica Frith | Health Studies| Hunter

Alfio Gangemi | Art History and Administration / Art and Graphic Design | Hunter

Amy Gijsbers van Wijk | Theatrical Authorship Studies | Brooklyn-Macaulay

Chloe Goldschmidt | Multimedia Design | Queens

Sarah Guillet | Cultural Anthropology / International Human Rights | John Jay

Rabiah Gul | Muslim Women’s Studies / Political Science | John Jay

Isabelle Jagninski | Intersectionality / Critical Pedagogy | Brooklyn

Arielle John | Social Change / Theater | Brooklyn 

Iryna Kachanouskaya | International Business / Mixed-Media Art | Baruch

Christina Karr | Studies in Style | City

Savannah Knoop | Installation Art | Brooklyn

Gabriel Lockwood | Modern European Languages / Conflict Resolution | City

Raju Maharjan | Dynamic Web Design | City

Katrina McCandless | Emergency Services for Underserved Populations | Hunter-Macaulay

Butovens Mede | Cognitive Neuropsychology / Sound Design | City 

Nicolas Montano | Juvenile Delinquent Psychology / International Criminology | John Jay

Cameron Moore | Medical Biology / Crisis Management | Medgar Evers 

Farnia Naeem | Computational Neuroscience | Brooklyn-Macaulay 

Peter Panousopoulos | Cognitive Neuroscience | Baruch-Macaulay

Florina Petcu| Sports Psychology / Creative Movement and Drama Therapy | Brooklyn

Arielle Rothenberg | Fine Arts Education / Art Therapy | Baruch

Mariana Lorea Soto | Modern and Contemporary Art / Literature | Brooklyn 

Casey Soules| International and Community Development / The Culture of Health| Brooklyn

Tara Thomas | Criminology and Social Justice / Political Science | John Jay

Emily Walker | Communication Arts and Science | Hunter 

Kimberly White | Social Justice / Environmental Studies | Baruch

Olaf Woldan | Media Studies / Biological Sciences | City-Macaulay 

Andrew Ziegler | The Influence of Recent Western History on Literature | Brooklyn

CUNY Baccalaureate for Unique and Interdisciplinary Studies (CUNY BA) is a university-wide individualized bachelor’s degree where students work one-on-one with faculty. With an annual enrollment of 500, the degree is for self-directed, academically strong students who have well-formulated academic and career goals. Most are working adults, many of whom are raising families; 65% are 25 years old and older; and a significant number are returning to school, often after a hiatus of anywhere from 5 to 30 years. CUNY BA has one of the highest graduation rates in New York. Since its inception in 1971, 7,000 students have earned their degrees through this route; 50% have gone on to graduate school.

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