Faculty Videos Exploring Key Voter Issues Featured on Yahoo!News and NYTimes.com

Bob Sacha shooting video footage in Denver. (Photo by Zach Wise)

Documentary filmmaker Yoruba Richen, who teaches long-form video storytelling, and Bob Sacha, who teaches the shorter form for the web, have been working on major projects that recently got substantial play online.

Richen’s video piece and accompanying text, The Black Vote for Gay Marriage, ran in the Op-Docs section of The New York Times’ website. The video, which focuses on African-American pastors with opposing views on a same-sex marriage ballot initiative in Maryland, was adapted from her documentary “The New Black” that is scheduled for completion early next year. The film explores the divisive issue of gay rights in the black community.

Sacha just finished a series of video stories for Yahoo!News, traveling the country to swing states and talking with voters about the issues. The final three stories were produced with fellow CUNY J-School instructor Maisie Crow two weeks ago in Florida.

To complete the 18 stories in the series, Sacha visited five states over the past six months. Thus far, the pieces have received more than 20,000 comments.

Two of the five installments made the Yahoo.com homepage.