Clips of the Week

Clips of the Week

It’s been an extraordinary couple of weeks – and our reporters, past and present, rose to the challenge. Check out some of our latest links:

•Our News Service is bursting at the virtual seams with great work. Too many folks to mention contributed to our comprehensive multimedia “Scenes of Sandy” package, brimming with more than 50 short stories, videos and slideshows, more than 100 photos and Martin Burch’s ambitious power-outage interactive graphic, which got picked up by Newsday. Many of our reporters also worked on our massive election-pegged  interactive vox pop in partnership with PBS NewsHour and our coverage of problems at the polls. Speaking of the election, our crowdsourcing project on voter affiliation changes made The Huffington Post.

•Speaking of crowdsourcing, two more projects – which ask, “What Feels Like Home?” and “Who’s the Next (Non) American Idol?” – are up on Voices of NY.  Michalis Paterakis reported on the politics of Brighton Beach for the site. Sierra Leone Starks wrote about gay voters and the presidential election.

•A bunch of our folks contributed to City Limits’ Bronx election coverage: Erin Brodwin, Rachel Bryson-Brockmann, Kathleen Caulderwood, Kathleen Culliton, Jillian Eugenios, Emily Field, Matthew Perlman,  Meredith Rosenberg, Lauren Rothman and  Elly Yu.

•Jess Scanlon’s Election Day article made Downtown Express.

•Zara Katz helped pull together this post on election year photos for TIME’s LightBox.

•Raed Rafei wrote an article for Al Arabiya News about Arab Americans getting set to vote amid concerns for the future.

•Nabil Rahman worked with Prof. Jesse Hardman on this TIME video about Red Hook in Sandy’s wake.

•Casey Cipriani’s article about how the Queens theater community dealt with Sandy made the Queens West Villager.

•Jordan Davidson reported on storm damage in Inwood for

•Erin Horan contributed to this CNBC article about economic woe for millennials. The piece led CNBC’s homepage.

•Claudia Bracholdt, Natalia Osipova and Peter Moskowitz put together this video and text look at some “extraordinary” immigrants for

•John Sodaro wrote about change at a Bronx rabbinical school for The Riverdale Press.

•219 Magazine features Gabrielle Sierra’s article about how Sandy ravaged her childhood home and Lindsay Lowe’s review of the film “Barbara.”

•The Mott Haven Herald boasts new stories by Ann Marie Awad,  Jessica Glazer, Irina Ivanova, Tanisia Morris, Sofia Perpetua, Nathan Place, Michael Russell and Nicholas Wells.

•The latest on The Local includes contributions by, among others: Gabrielle Alfiero, Ronald Chavez, Chris Dell, Theresa Fisher, Craig Giammona, Elizabeth Hagen, Matthew Jacobs,  Sarah Khuwaja, Jonathan Moffie and Mitch Trinka.

In our Alumni Corner:

•Many of our alumni contributed to coverage of Sandy at media outlets around the city and the world – NBC, The New York Times and, to name just a few. Here’s a roundup that’s sure to impress.

•Nathan Frandino, working for the Knight Center for Journalism in the Americas blog, interviewed photojournalist Eros Hoagland, a subject of a new HBO documentary series.

•Patrick Hickey wrote about a new comic books app for NBC Local Integrated Media.

•Channon Hodge produced this New York Times video about economic challenges facing Rhode Island.

Congrats to all – and keep ‘em coming!