Look Who Won a Nook

Look Who Won a Nook

Students, if you were asked to take an academic exam—outside of the classroom—would you? Probably not.

What if you were told the test wouldn’t be graded—and there would be an incentive?

Now we’re talking!

Earlier in the semester, 100 first-semester students volunteered to take a Collegiate Leaning Assessment test (CLA).

The exam score does not affect their academic records. Instead, the scores will be analyzed by an institution of higher education to see how they compare to national counterparts.

“The students invited to participate are culled from a list determined by CUNY to ensure test validity,” said Erwin Wong, Dean for Academic Programs and Instruction. “Students who took the assessment did so on a voluntary basis. Results will reflect the college as a whole, not the individual student.”

As a thank you from CUNY, each student volunteer received a fifty dollar Amazon.com gift card and a chance to win a NOOK device.

The NOOK drawing was held on-campus on November 12th, and the winning BMCC student was Computer Science major Nueretjo Hijarunguru.

“I decided to take the CLA exam because I wanted to challenge myself—that’s what college is all about,” said Hijarunguru. “I’m glad this experience will help institutions like BMCC determine what types of testing best cater to the student body.”

Next semester, another group of BMCC students—this time, those close to graduating—will be invited to take a CLA test, with similar incentives.