Prof. Jonathan Moore’s Central Park 5 Wrongful Conviction Case featured in NY Law Journal

Adjunct Professor Jonathan Moore’s case, In Re McCray, 03-Civ-09685, was the subject of a front page feature in the New York Law Journal on Friday, November 23.

Prof. Moore represents four of the five men exonerated a decade ago in the “Central Park Jogger” case, one of the most troubling miscarriages of justice in New York City’s history. The federal civil rights case now pending in Manhattan seeks $50 million for each plaintiff for their wrongful conviction.

The documentary film, The Central Park Five, by filmmakers Ken Burns, David McMahon and Sarah Burns also opened on November 23. The documentary is based on Sarah Burns’ book documenting how the five young men were victims of a mob mentality in the crime-ridden New York of the 1980s.  A New York Law Journal interview with Burns explains that she pursued the story of the Five while working as a college intern at Prof. Moore’s law firm, leading her to write the book and make the documentary. Ms. Burns was a guest speaker in the class co-taught by Prof. Moore in spring 2012.

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