Recent Appointments to the Doctoral Faculty

More than thirty new faculty appointments were made to twelve doctoral programs and two certificate programs at the Graduate Center between October 16 and December 18, 2012. Listed below, after each name, are the faculty member’s home campus and fields of specialization.

Africana Studies Certificate Program

Jerry G. Watts, Graduate Center: Politics and Afro-American intellectual life; Afro-American literature, culture, and politics; Ralph Ellison; Amiri Baraka.

Audiology, Doctoral Program (Au.D.)

Helen R. Salus, Graduate Center: Diagnostic audiology, hearing aids.

Biochemistry, Ph.D. Program

David Jeruzalmi, City: DNA replication, DNA repair, structural biology, x-ray crystallography.

Reza Khayat, City: Cyro-electron microscopy, x-ray crystallography, virology, enzymology.

Sharon M. Loverde, CSI: Biochemistry pharmacology and drug delivery, biotechnology and biomaterials, molecular biophysics, membrane structure, function and transport.

Prabodhika Mallikaratchy, Lehman: Biotechnology/biomaterials, DNA/RNA biochemistry, biochemical pharmacology and drug delivery, immunochemistry.

Biology, Ph.D. Program

John A. Chamberlain, Brooklyn: Paleobiology, functional morphology.

Mark M. Emerson, City: Neuroscience; molecular, cellular, and developmental biology.

Mandë Holford, Hunter: Ecology, evolutionary biology and behavior, molecular and cellular biology.

Simon P. Kelly, City: Neuroscience.

Andreas Kottmann, Sophie Davis School of Biomedical Education, City College: Molecular biology, developmental neurobiology, neurobiology, neurodegenerative diseases.

Chemistry, Ph.D. Program

Zimei Bu, City: Biophysics, polymer physical chemistry, biochemistry, physical chemistry.

David Jeruzalmi, City: DNA replication, DNA repair, structural biology, x-ray crystallography.

Reza Khayat, City: X-ray crystallography, cryo-electron microscopy, biophysics, biochemistry.

Sharon M. Loverde, CSI: Polymer chemistry, nanotechnology, molecular biophysics, physical chemistry.

Prabodhika Mallikarathy, Lehman: Analytical chemistry, materials chemistry – nanotechnology.

Computer Science, Ph.D. Program

Lev Manovich, Graduate Center: Software studies, digital humanities, digital culture and media art, history and theory of digital culture, cultural analytics.

Criminal Justice, Ph.D. Program

Jana Arsovska, John Jay: Organized crime, human trafficking, international criminal justice, cultural criminology.

Ronald V. Clarke, Adjunct, Rutgers University: Psychology of crime, crime prevention, police effectiveness, research and policy.

Yu Gao, Brooklyn: Psychophysiology, psychopathology.

Deborah Koetzle, John Jay: Correctional interventions, reentry, offender/program assessment, program evaluation.

Economics, Ph.D. Program

Jonathan R. Peters, CSI: Public finance/economics, transportation systems, social equity analysis, transportation economics.

English, Ph.D. Program

Alexander M. Schlutz, John Jay: British and German romanticism, literature and philosophy, literary theory, literature and the visual arts.

Music, Ph.D. Program

Geoffrey Burleson, Hunter: Piano performance.

Psychology, Ph.D. Program

Rosanne L. Flores, Hunter: Human development; cognition, language, and development.

Sociology, Ph.D. Program

Jessie Daniels, CUNY School of Public Health at Hunter College: Racism, gender, digital media, visual culture.

Urban Education, Ph.D. Program

Victor V. Bobetsky, Hunter: Pre-K–12 music and arts education.

Brahmadeo Drewprashad, BMCC: Developing and evaluating new case studies, demonstrations, and experiments that relate concepts to application, uncovering and rectifying misconceptions.

Namulundah Florence, Brooklyn: Teaching/learning process, historical foundations of American schooling, comparative education, multicultural education, marginalization in formal and informal education, folktales and cultural identities.

Tatyana Kleyn, City: Bilingual education, multicultural education, immigration.

Eleni Tournaki, CSI: Special education, mathematics.

Women’s Studies, Certificate Program

Susan Markens, Lehman: Sociology, gender, reproductive health, biomedicalization.