Clips of the Week

As we begin another great semester, check out some inspiring work from our reporters present and past (stories from the Class of ’12 will be moving into the Alumni Corner in the weeks to come) :

•Taylor Tepper co-hosted a Planet Money podcast for NPR that made Morning Edition.

•Toby Salinger reported for the Brooklyn Daily Eagle on efforts to save a Bushwick community center. Skyler Reid’s audio slideshow on the topic paired nicely with Toby’s story on the News Service. Speaking of our News Service, you’ll also find Menglin Huang’s piece about a merchant battling back from Sandy.

•Sophia Rosenbaum’s story about a new wave of Greek immigration into Astoria found a home in The Queens Courier.

•Briggette Sayegh profiled a Queens restaurateur who believes food is the key to world peace. Her story, with pictures by Nabil Rahman, made Voices of NY.

•Matthew Perlman covered a redistricting hearing for the Mott Haven Herald.

•The latest on The Local include contributions by, among others: Irina Ivanova, Ashoka Jegroo, Tanisia Morris,  Peter Moskowitz, Aine Pannello, Philippe Theise and Mitch Trinka.

•Amanda Woods’ story about an attack on a taxi driver made the front page of Metro.

•Shamanth Rao profiled an expert on Dutch New York for Jessica Glazer wrote about the struggles of a young military family.

•Shannon Ayala wrote a follow-up piece for the West Side Rag about a flap over the Columbus Avenue bike lane.

Lisa Mahapatra wrote about the German economy for Business Insider.

•Justin Mitchell’s story about Syrians in America using social media to communicate amid the turmoil back home made Latitude News.

• Craig Giammona, reporting for Juvenile Justice Information Exchange, wrote about a controversial proposal to use retired cops armed with guns to protect city schools.

Some samplings from our Alumni Corner:

•Eliza Ronalds-Hannon examined the downfall of Somali pirates for the Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project.

•Yudith Ho, working for Bloomberg, reported on a new economic push in Indonesia.

•Zachary Kussin, working for The Real Deal, reported on a Manhattan synagogue that was evicted to make way for luxury rentals.

Congrats to all – and keep ‘em coming!