Statement by Chancellor Matthew Goldstein Thanking President William L. Pollard of Medgar Evers College

“Today I received a communication from President William L. Pollard of Medgar Evers College of The City University of New York indicating that he will be departing from his presidency following the designation of a new president. We are deeply grateful for all that President Pollard has done to advance the vitally important mission of the College during the past three and one-half years. The president has worked diligently to focus this important institution in Central Brooklyn on student-centered goals and objectives, enhancing faculty instruction in the classroom, and on utilizing the new and modern campus facilities in creative and effective ways. President Pollard is a person with a profound commitment to the education of the mind, a passion for intellectual integrity and a special appreciation for the joys associated with student success. We thank him for his continued service during this transition period.

“Chairperson Benno Schmidt and I will be working with a Board of Trustees presidential search committee, to be chaired by Trustee Valerie Lancaster Beal, to begin a national search for a successor to President Pollard. The other trustees on the search committee will be Board Vice Chairperson Philip A. Berry, Trustee Freida Foster, Trustee Rita DiMartino, Trustee Charles Shorter, Trustee Kathleen Pesile, and Trustee Wellington Chen. Faculty, student and alumni representation will be selected consistent with the Board’s policy guidelines. President Ricardo Fernandez of Lehman College will serve as the presidential representative and the committee membership will include the president of the Community Advisory Council of Medgar Evers College.

“CUNY is deeply committed to the well-being and enhancement of Medgar Evers College. We are especially cognizant of the essential role the College plays in providing access to upward educational and economic mobility to its talented and ambitious student body. We look forward to working with all constituencies to build upon the successes and potential of the College.”