Social Media Students Speedily Create Snowstorm Storify Package for NYCity News Service

It took just a few minutes on Monday, Feb. 11 for eight students in the CUNY J-School’s new Advanced Social Media module to learn and use a powerful curation tool to tell the story of New York City’s experience in a weekend snowstorm that had blanketed the metro area.

Students received a 10-minute demo of the popular social media tool Storify. They were then assigned to small teams and given 20 minutes to research and gather various social media, text, and multimedia posts into the Storify reports, with one report per borough. The reports were grouped into a single Storify that was published on the School’s NYCity News Service site within a couple of hours.

“Social media curation is a hugely important way to tell a story,” said Prof. Adam Glenn, a member of the interactive faculty who designed the five-week course that is being offered for the first time this semester. “There’s so much good information and material out there in the case of a major weather event like Nemo that journalists would be missing a beat to not use curation tools like Storify to tell them. And if there was any question about how easy Storify is to teach and use, my social media students just put them to rest.”