A LaGuardia Community College IR Expert is the Keynote Speaker at an Educational Symposium in Japan

Long Island City, NY—Erez Lenchner, a senior institutional researcher at LaGuardia Community College, has been invited by a program funded by the Japanese Ministry of Education to deliver a keynote speech at a major educational symposium on March 3.

Mr. Lenchner will present his speech, titled “Using Institutional Research for the Development of Education Systems and Programs,” to an audience of over 100 institutional researchers from universities across Japan.

The symposium, held at Doshisha University in Kyoto, is being organized by a consortium of eight Japanese universities that received a three-year grant from the Japanese government, through the Ministry of Education, to build institutional research capacities for its universities.

“LaGuardia has gained a reputation, which has reached Japan, as an institution that recognizes the integral role institutional research plays in strengthening a college and improving its students’ learning experience,” said Dr. Gail O. Mellow, president of LaGuardia Community College.  “Erez, an expert in this field, is an ideal LaGuardia spokesperson who will help his counterparts in Japan to better understand the important role institutional research can play at their universities.”

“This consortium of universities has begun a three-year program of building and expanding institutional research capacities,” said Mr. Lenchner.  “Given that goal, they wanted someone who can speak on the interpolation of university records for research purposes.”

Mr. Lenchner has been a senior institutional researcher at LaGuardia since 2008.  He also is an Integrated Postsecondary Educational Data System Trainer for the National Center for Education Statistics and the Association for Institutional Research.  As a trainer, he has conducted workshops at colleges and universities in Indiana, Maryland, Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

To demonstrate the importance institutional research plays in the development and advancement of universities, Mr. Lenchner will present some of the studies that were done at LaGuardia as well as several examples using national data for evaluation.

One example that Mr. Lenchner feels his audience will find interesting is the College’s comprehensive studies on the anatomy and physiology course.  “As Japan’s population is aging and there is greater need for public health professionals, universities are becoming concerned on how to assess the training of physicians and other healthcare practitioners,” he said.

Mr. Lenchner said that Japan’s changing economy is also prompting universities to look at ways they can measure student outcomes.  “As the job market in Japan is changing, recruitment processes are changing and job security prospects are changing,” he said, “universities feel this is a good opportunity to examine their common assumptions regarding students’ success in the market, job placements and prepare them for future challenges.”

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