Prof. Lim Article Highlights Integration of Librarians in Law School Program

Julie Lim, professor and director of CUNY Law’s library, authored an article for Spectrum, a national journal from the American Association of Law Libraries, about the unique integration of CUNY Law’s library and law librarians into the full curriculum. Lim writes

CUNY Law School’s curriculum is designed to emphasize lawyering skills. The first-year lawyering program, for example, is designed to replicate a legal work environment and introduces the essential skills of a lawyer—legal analysis, legal writing, oral arguments, negotiations, and professional ethics. The legal research course is a separate, graded course required of all first-year students and is taught by the law librarians.

She goes on to describe how the legal research that is learned in the first semester is carried over in the lawyering seminar of the second semester. The seminar faculty work in close coordination with the law librarian. “During the seminar, the law librarian can further hone the students’ research skills. Additionally, since a faculty member is present during the research sessions, many of the faculty members continue to interject research principles in subsequent lawyering classes throughout the spring semester. As a result, a closer working relationship among all parties involved—law librarian, faculty member, and students—evolves,” Lim writes.

Professor Lim

Professor Lim

Lim is the director of the CUNY Law Library. She teaches courses in legal research. She is a member of the American Association of Law Libraries and the Law Library Association of Greater New York. She has presented on immigration law research and law library computer applications.

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