Dean Anderson on Need for Representation of Low and Moderate-Income People

Dean Michelle J. Anderson responded to a request from the ABA Task Force on the Future of Legal Education for comments on its work, in which she highlighted the undiminished need for lawyers to represent low- and moderate-income clients. She writes,

Many inside and outside the academy assert that there is a glut of attorneys, and that the dramatic drop in applications to law schools over the past three years is a market correction for this overabundance. I want to challenge this position.

Poor and moderate-income people in the United States desperately need legal services.This need has been exacerbated by the financial crisis and the collapse of the housing market. Cuts in funding for civil legal services and growing economic inequality have further limited equal access to justice. Many who were once middle class have slipped into destitution as a result. Their need for basic legal counsel is great.

Her comments were also featured on the Legal Skills Prof Blog.

Read Dean Anderson’s full comments here (pdf).