The @MACAULAY Author Series Presents Victor Navasky And His New Book, The Art Of Controversy: Political Cartoons And Their Enduring Power

“As Victor Navasky, a word man, investigates the wordless art of the political cartoon–what, he asks, accounts for its implosive power? –we find ourselves in the hands of a writer of  indefatigable  curiosity  and are caught up in the tempestuous history of newsprint art. An expansive, illuminating work. I know of nothing comparable.”

-E.L. Doctorow


“Victor Navasky’s The Art of Controversy is an entertaining and instructive reminder of the important place of political cartoons in exposing lies, hypocrisies, stupidity, and corruption in the public arena. Be prepared to laugh and get angry all at once.”

-Tom Brokaw


The Spring 2013 @Macaulay Author Series continues with acclaimed journalist and magazine editor Victor Navasky, who will read from, discuss and sign copies of The Art of Controversy (Knopf), his deeply personal and perceptive look at the barbed art of political caricature. Reception to follow.

Now director of the Delacorte Center for Magazine Journalism and chairman of the Columbia Journalism Review, Victor Navasky casts his famous intellect back over the long, dangerous and brave history of political cartooning and its practitioners. Without losing hold of the subversive sense of humor that has helped win him his great following, Navasky comes to serious grips with numerous turbulent eras of political protest that have been illuminated over the centuries by visual satirists. From Hogarth to Grosz, Picasso to Blitt, Daumier to the Danish Muhammads, Navasky explores just what makes these graphic time bombs tick, and how they can be both entertaining and incendiary. Never without power, the political cartoons he has gathered far and wide deliver a book on the art of making a difference.


“A novel approach to the history of political cartoons. Navasky illuminates an under-appreciated art form.”

-Oliver Stone

April 17, 2013  –  7 PM

Reservations required:  For information and reservations please call 212/729 -2910 or online

These monthly programs are free and open to the public.  All events are held at Macaulay, 35 West 67th Street between Central Park West and Columbus. Book-signing and reception to follow the reading.  Copies of the book for sale at the reception.

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The @Macaulay Author Series

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