NCC Students Ratify Student Government Association Constitution

President congratulates SGA Officers
NCC President Scott Evenbeck (far left) congratulates the NCC’s Student Government Association (SGA) officers and advisors on the ratification of the SGA Constitution. Top row: (L to R) Stephen Icaza, SGA President; Sherine Smith, SGA Vice-President; Alfajo Jallow, SGA Treasurer; Henesse Molina, SGA Secretary; and Randy Moore, Student Success Advocate and SGA advisor. Seated: Richard Persaud, Senator; Paloma Cruz, Senator; Cassandra Ortiz, Senator; and Instructor and SGA advisor Nate Mikelson. The SGA will create a sense of community at the college through programs, represent and advocate for students through NCC committees and the College Council, fund and maintain student clubs, and create an election process and procedures to uphold the Constitution.