Clips of the Week

Clips of the Week

Jeannie Choi’s interactive comparison of food prices at Brooklyn grocery stores made the NYCity News Service.

Here are some links to help kick off a well-deserved break (again, the Class of 2012 will be moving into the Alumni Corner soon, I promise):

•Danielle Valente’s piece about a firm that combines fashion and philanthropy found a home in Lifestyle + Charity Magazine.

•Paul McCaffrey’s story about Prospect Park’s comeback from Sandy made the Brooklyn Daily Eagle.

•Amanda Hou wrote about a Japanese wrestler-turned-politician for

•Gabrielle Sierra’s feature on haute hot dogs made the Daily News.

•Jordan Davidson, as we head toward Opening Day, wrote about baseball apps for The Wall Street Journal.

•Martin Burch is working on a series for Patch about grocery store health code violations. Here’s one installment.

•Erin Horan contributed to this CBS Evening News report, pegged to 10th anniversary of the war in Iraq, about a Marine who returned to duty after losing both hands.

•Susan Armitage’s interview with James Goodale, First Amendment lawyer and author of CUNY Journalism Press’ “Fighting for the Press,” made Columbia Journalism Review.

•Nathan Place, reporting for the Mott Haven Herald, wrote about some Bronx high school students who designed a green roof that harnesses solar power.

•Jeannie Choi’s interactive package on food prices in Crown Heights made our News Service. Orie Givens profiled an artist who nearly lost her sight. Meredith Rosenberg chronicled efforts to crowdsource Sandy-related stories. Andrew Welsch reported on a dispute over possibly Sandy-related flooding on Long Island.

•Speaking of our News Service, a multimedia report on the future of the old Rockaway Railway was just added to our Special Reports section. Contributors include: Jeff Bukhari, Tiffany Camhi, Topher Forhecz, Erica Hochstedler, Ashoka Jegroo, Sarah Khuwaja, Anne Lagamayo, Laura Lorenzetti, Ilie Mitaru, Áine Pennello, Giovanny Pinto, Candace Sheppard, Matt Surrusco and Danielle Valente.

Mary Croke, Chris Dell, Emily Field, Sophia Rosenbaum, Toby Salinger and Sara Sugar contributed to Gotham Gazette’s coverage of a recent forum for mayoral candidates.

•The latest on The Local includes contributions by, among others, Tiffany Camhi, Ashoka Jegroo, Peter Moskowitz, Priscila Ortiz and our new Local reporter Amanda Woods.

Some offerings from our Alumni Corner:

•Carmel Delshad’s latest radio dispatch out of Tahir Square made BBC/PRI’s The World.

•Mirva Lempiainen wrote about teenage pregnancy in Nicaragua for Pass Blue.

•Amy Stretten worked on this New York Post story about the mayor’s plan to ban tobacco displays in stores.

Congrats to all – and keep ‘em coming!