Lori Knipel (’97) on Relationship Between Politics and Community Service

The Brooklyn Daily Eagle spotlights the career of alum Lori (Citron) Knipel (’97) as a lawyer, political leader, and civic activist. Among many of Knipel’s accomplishments is helping to develop the Democratic Party platform at the 2004 Democratic National Convention. Knipel successfully added a universal pre-kindergarten plank in the platform, where it remains to this day.  Knipel also created a women’s judicial review panel while she served as the Democratic district leader of he 44th Assembly district in Brooklyn. In 1992, Knipel founded the Flatbush Renaissance Committee. “I find that I’m able to get along with a broad spectrum of people. I try to make people get along by assuring each person that they will be heard,” said Knipel.

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