Fed Challenge Team Gets Lessons in Economics from PBS Expert, Federal Reserve


Queensborough’s Fed Challenge Team participated in the third annual Community College Fed Challenge Scrimmage with North Shore Community College and Gateway Community College, which hosted the event on April 1 and 2 in New Haven, CT.

The goal of the scrimmage is for students to learn about and understand the complexities of the monetary process while honing their skills as presenters and team players.

The program’s highlights included remarks by Paul Solman, PBS economic commentator of Making Sen$e.  Mr. Solman spoke on the historical perspective of economic swings and the current economic situation.

Also attending the event was Albert Barnor, Economic Education Specialist, Federal Reserve Bank in Boston, MA.

The collegiate Fed Challenge has been held for a dozen years nationally. Queensborough was the first community college to enter the event nine years ago. Its objective is to promote understanding among college students of the Federal Reserve System.

The student presentations addressed the housing market, unemployment, inflation, and the Fed’s accumulation of $280 billion dollars in Mortgage-backed securities of questionable worth.

The incentive to be part of the team—which requires many hours of preparation, including evenings and weekends— is to earn honors credits for business courses.

Queensborough’s Fed Challenge team members are: Girrell Banks, Cheng Tao, Ross Chaojun Dong, Hoa Khuu, Omar Carrillo, Jenna Acquaviva, Ee Shiun Hong, Lok Ting Suen, Benjamin Alagna, Christopher Orellana, and Zymeena Chavis.

Faculty advisors from the Business Department are Dr. Christine Mooney and Professors Sebastian Murolo and Edward Hanssen.