Clips of the Week

Clips of the Week

Check out our latest links – including Paul McCaffrey’s multimedia package about a Sandy-related art installation in Brooklyn.

Congrats again to all on our 15 Society of Professional Journalists Region 1 Mark of Excellence Awards. Our five first-place winners are eligible for national awards – more on this to come. In the meantime, check out some future potential award-winning stories (the Class of ‘12 will be headed for the Alumni Corner soon):

•If you missed the broadcast of the March edition of 219 West TV Magazine, you can catch it online. Contributors include Kizzie Cox, Orie Givens, Menglin Huang, Jonathan Moffie, Melissa Noel, John Sodaro and Nadja Thomas.

•Rebecca Sesny’s examination of drug trials in Uganda made 219 Magazine. Kamana Shrestha and Alexander Tucciarone contributed to story.

•Erin Horan worked on this CBS Evening News story about MLK assassin James Earl Ray.

•Jeanette Moses found the city’s best vegan Buffalo wings for The 6th Floor, The New York Times Magazine’s blog.

•Gio Pinto covered an immigration reform rally in Washington for Voices of NY. Sierra Leone Starks profiled a Scottish illustrator. Alex Wolf took a local look at the Venezuelan election.

•Toby Salinger reported on tax refund ripoffs for The Brooklyn Bureau.

•Sophia Rosenbaum turns up the heat in this piece for Our Town Downtown.

•Paul McCaffrey’s package about a Sandy-related art installation in Brooklyn made our News Service. Maya Rajamani reported on skepticism over a new law aimed at stemming looting during emergencies, post-Sandy.

•Skyler Reid covered an exhibition of art made from trash for the Mott Haven Herald.

•Susie Armitage’s story about a documentary about whistleblowers made Columbia Journalism Review.

•Irina Ivanova covered a protest by tenants for The Hunts Point Express.

•Sean Carlson reported on school funding challenges in rural Alaska for KRDB-FM.

•Craig Giammona’s story about a push to put armed guards in schools made Juvenile Justice Information Exchange.

•The latest on The Local includes contributions by, among others: Tiffany Camhi, Chris Dell, Ashoka Jegroo, Priscila Ortiz and Amanda Woods.

In our Alumni Corner:

•Amy Kraft’s podcast report on cleaning caves made the Chemical Heritage Foundation website.

•We began with awards news, so let’s end with awards news: The Riverdale Press, edited by alum Kate Pastor, took home 25 state and national awards.

Congrats to all — and keep ‘em coming!