Checkered Flag: Students’ Go-Cart design Wins First prize at Engineering Expo

Students in the Engineering Technology Department were awarded First Prize in the Mechanical Engineering Technology Project category of the College Project Exhibit at the 2013 Engineering Expo, held at White Plains High School in New York on April 7. The project was begun in the fall of 2012 with the goal to design an electronically efficient go-cart. Queensborough’s team won out of approximately 10 projects in the same category.

Among the institutions Queensborough competed against was Villanova University, New York City College of Technology (CUNY) and the United States Military Academy, West Point. Professionals from conEdison also attended the event.

“I am very proud of our students and the exceptional caliber of their hard work. Also, this was a very important opportunity for them to interact with other faculty and students from four-year schools and programs as well as engineers in the industry,” said Dr. Kee Park, Engineering Technology Department.

Giancarlos Llanos, a team leader, said, “I believe the difference at the competition was that we ‘went the extra mile’ to describe in minute detail the various parts and how they connected to create the go-cart.” He added that the eventual goal is to replace the battery with a hydrogen fuel cell.

Vice Leader Rony Vargas, who enrolled at Queensborough last semester said, “Because of this project I now have more hands-on experience—just as great are all the friends I’ve made.” Rony, who lives in Brooklyn, decided to enroll at Queensborough because he had heard positive things about the engineering program, its faculty and the College’s beautiful campus.

Alfredo Castillo, now in his third semester, remarked, “The faculty here prepares you for the steps ahead in your education and your career. Alfredo’s role was to fabricate the frame for the motor, brakes and battery holder.

Additional team members are: Jose DevaresAnthony SoehngenSungheon HwangChristopher ReeseYan XuMark PerezYao AgoudauiDenis MilichnikovIsaac Morocho and Ryan Naraine

The Engineering Technology student team will participate in a poster presentation on hydrogen fuel-celled research at the Advanced Energy Conference to be held at the Javitz Center on April 30.