LA Times: Prof. Robson on Labeling Clothing Manufactured “Sweat-Free”

In an opinion piece for the Los Angeles Times, Distinguished Professor Ruthann Robson responds to a May 7 op-ed that called for consumers to support the workers who make our clothes, in the aftermath of a factory collapse in Bangladesh that killed more than 600 garment workers. Prof. Robson writes that even the “Made in USA” label does not ensure garments are not manufactured under sweatshop-like conditions or even manufactured within the 50 states. Robson suggests labeling garments manufactured under proper conditions as “sweat-free.”

“What if each piece of apparel was required to bear a label that it was — or was not — sweat-free? Mandating prominent sweat-free labels is not on the legislative or regulatory agenda at the moment, but it would solve a long-standing problem,” writes Robson.

Distinguished Professor Robson

Distinguished Professor Robson

Prof. Robson teaches in the areas of constitutional law, family law, feminist legal theory, and sexuality and the law. She is the author of many articles in such journals as New York Law School Journal of Human RightsAlbany Law Review, Women’s Rights Law Reporter, Hastings Law Journal, Australian Feminist Law Journal, and Yearbook of New Zealand Jurisprudence. Prof. Robson’s upcoming book, Dressing Constitutionally, will be available August 15, 2013.

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