Video News Magazine “Inside Lehman” Wins Hermes, Telly, and Communicator Awards

The producers of the video news magazine “Inside Lehman XIII” have captured three new awards—the Hermes Award, a Telly Award, and the Communicator Award—for their most recent series of programs. The show features segments on Stem Cell Research and what medicine may be able to do in the future, Nurse Practitioners and how they provide services not otherwise offered to patients, Human Rights Summit focused on the treatment of women in Latin America, Careers After College, and ‘Hairspray’ on Stage.

Since 2004, “Inside Lehman” has raked in a total of twenty-eight awards. “It never gets old,” says Executive Producer and Assistant Dean Lynne Van Voorhis. “Each year, we do new stories and work with a new batch of students who are exploring interesting issues and perfecting new skills, so it’s a pleasure and an honor to be recognized.”

“It’s so gratifying for the program to receive these honors.  This says a lot about all of the wonderful people who work so hard to bring ‘Inside Lehman’ to viewers all over the City of New York,” says Producer and Professor Tom O’Hanlon.

“Inside Lehman” Anchor Laura Bodden on “Careers After College.”

The stories highlighted in “Inside Lehman” are all about the Lehman campus, research conducted by faculty and students, new initiatives, and programs. Last year’s editions included a segment on asthma in the Bronx and the link between poverty and air quality. Other segments focused on noise-induced hearing loss, healthy eating, the professional world of dance, and one Korean student’s quest to fulfill a language requirement despite somewhat daunting physical challenges.

The most recently viewed show produced segments on Business Ethics, including the fallout from “Occupy Wall Street,” Pseudo Science, New Science Building (a fully “green” building), Living the Dream? (a piece on the Dream Act and how immigration issues affect students) and Midsummer Night’s Dream.

The Telly Awards honor excellence in film and video productions, Web commercials, and local, regional, and cable TV commercials and programs. The Communicator Awards are judged and overseen by the International Academy of the Visual Arts, and the Hermes Creative Awards is an international competition for creative professionals involved in the concept, writing and design of both traditional materials and programs and emerging technologies.

Watch “Inside Lehman” here.