The School of Professional Studies announces B.A. in Urban and Community Studies

The Murphy Institute at the CUNY School of Professional Studies is pleased to announce that it is now accepting applications for its new Bachelor of Arts degree in Urban and Community Studies.

Directed towards students who are interested in urban problems, public policy, and the delivery of human services to diverse urban populations, the degree’s curriculum explores urban public policy and administration and the delivery of services to diverse communities, including the urban workforce. Students have the opportunity to learn about and advance their careers in public service and social advocacy. By examining the dynamics of urban institutions, labor unions, non-profit and community groups, and focusing on urban issues in the context of national economic, political and social structures, students will gain a strong understanding of the complex relationships that contribute to both the problems and opportunities of city living.

The program is designed for adult learners as well as traditional-aged students, and provides experiential learning, including fieldwork and Prior Learning Assessments.  Class hours are deliberately scheduled on the evenings and weekends to accommodate those who are employed during regular daytime hours.  Courses are taught by nationally-known scholars and practitioners in the fields of urban studies and urban development, sociology, economics, political sciences, public policy and administration, health care, labor, and labor relations.

The degree is awarded by CUNY’s School of Professional Studies.  To learn more about the School and the Bachelor of Arts Degree in Urban and Community Studies, please contact June Cumberbatch at 212-827-0200.