Kupferberg Holocaust Resource Center Interns Meet Dwindling Community of Survivors

KHRCAFrom left: Dr. Arthur Flug, Executive Director of the Kupferberg Holocaust Resource Center and Archives; Jocelyn Chait of Temple Emanu-El in Manhattan; Student Intern Lida Ramos Arce;  survivor Sam Widawsky, holding a drawing presented to him by his intern, Chaojun (Ross) Dong; and Marisa L. Berman, Assistant Director, (KHRCA)

Approximately 10 students addressed a captivated audience of Holocaust survivors and their families; along with students, faculty members, administrators and elected officials during the 15th Semi-Annual Kupferberg Holocaust Resource Center graduation ceremony, held on June 7. The students described in detail the harrowing experiences of the survivors they had interviewed and expressed their own feelings as a result of spending time with and learning from them.

Intern Lida Ramos Arce, a Business Administration major, said that the survivor she partnered with, Lena Goren “described the experience of losing many of her relatives in Greece after they were deported to Auschwitz.” Subsequent to her presentation, Lida unveiled her gift to Lena, a painting of a tree that represents Lena’s “youth and innocence, darkness, and perseverance.”

The semi-annual event reminds survivors that their stories will not be forgotten.  Each student intern at the Kupferberg Center commits to learning the story of a survivor and in doing so becomes a depository and spokesperson for their testimony.