Prof. Smith Futrell on Stop-And-Frisk From a Mother’s Perspective

In an op-ed for the Gotham Gazette, Professor Nicole Smith Futrell discusses the impact of the NYPD’s Stop-and-Frisk policy from both a lawyer’s perspective and from the perspective of being a mother of a young black son. ”[N]ow is the time to push for leadership that acknowledges the crisis in policing and proposes criminal justice policies an social reforms that will actually keep our young people safe without criminalizing them,” writes Smith Futrell. “As a parent, I worry about my son’s safety. As a lawyer, I worry about his rights. Stop-and-frisk promotes neither.”

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UPDATE: Professor Smith Futrell was a featured guest on WBAI’s Talk Back! with Hugh Hamilton speaking about stop-and-frisk and her Gotham Gazette op-ed. Click here [mp3] to listen to the interview. Her portion of the program beings at the 32-minute mark.

Professor Smith Futrell

Professor Smith Futrell

Professor Smith Futrell is a Clinical Law Professor and Supervising Attorney in the Criminal Defense Clinic. Prior to joining the faculty, she was a public defender at the Bronx Defenders. Her clinical practice and research and writing interests are focused on challenging discriminatory police practices, indigent defense reform, and social justice lawyering.