Clips of the Week

Clips of the Week

Check out our latest links – including Jeannie Choi's WNYC piece about the last day on the job for the city’s longest-serving principal.

Check out our latest links – including Jeannie Choi’s WNYC piece about the last day on the job for the city’s longest-serving principal.

Check out some stories worth celebrating over the holiday:

•Gabrielle Sierra wrote about the city’s new pedestrian maps for Gothamist.

•Divya Verma, in a piece for CNBC, reported on veterans falling victim to scams.

•Jeannie Choi, working for WNYC, covered the last day on the job for the city’s longest-serving principal.

•Kathleen Culliton worked out of Washington on this Al Jazeera piece about rising student loan interest rates.

•Susie Armitage wrote about gay rights issues in Russia for NPR’s Parallels blog.

•Agata Blaszczak-Boxe’s piece about politicians rebounding from sex scandals made Psychology Today.

•Angela Johnson reported on Paula Deen’s crumbling empire for CNNMoney.

•Matt Surrusco, on assignment for +972 magazine, wrote about Israeli writers who signed a petition supporting Palestinians in danger of eviction.

•Danielle Valente’s got the latest on “The Real Housewives of New Jersey” for Newsday.

•Jess Scanlon examined whether exercise can be addictive in a piece for The Active Times.

•Sara Sugar’s look at a City Council race made City Limits’ Brooklyn Bureau.

•Sophia Rosenbaum wrote about Rusty the red panda’s great escape for

•Meredith Rosenberg’s video about a graffiti artist made The Village Voice.

•The latest on The Nabe includes contributions by, among others, Jason Bisnoff, Lindsay Christ,  Emily Field, Philippe Theise and Amanda Woods.

•Shannon Ayala, working for the Daily News, reported on efforts to organize a Pride festival in the Bronx. Rachel Bryson-Brockmann reported on plans to redevelop the old Rheingold Brewery site in Bushwick. Chris Dell wrote about the kin of Lee Mazzilli and Paul O’Neill taking up the family business. Priscila Ortiz and alum Shane Dixon Kavanaugh teamed to report on a police dog injured in a bust.


Speaking of our alumni, check out a few nuggets from our Alumni  Corner:

•The latest edition of CUNY TV’s “Talking Health” includes contributions by Melissa Cooper, Kizzy Cox, Sarah Kazadi, Melissa Noel and Briggette Sayegh.

•Maya Pope Chappell, recently promoted to social media and analytics editor for Asia for The Wall Street Journal, reported out of Hong Kong on new travel apps.

•Carmele Delshad interviewed Egyptian journalist – and incoming J-School Fellow – Yehia Ghanem for 219 Magazine.

•Guia Marie Del Prado and Rebecca Sesny’s interactive graphic-driven takeout on the spread of the C. diff bacteria made our News Service.

•Speaking of our News Service, a great update: Graham Kates’ piece about writer Carlos Fuentes’ FBI file got picked up – with credit – by The Associated Press. The story wound up (variously in English and Spanish) in The Washington Post, Univision, The Huffington Post and The Guardian, among many other places.

Congrats to all – and keep ‘em coming!