John Jay Graduate Student is Accepted to Internship with Governor Cuomo’s Advisory Board on Cyber Security


Joy Song, who is pursuing her master’s degree in Digital Forensics & CyberSecurity, was accepted to a summer internship with Governor Cuomo’s Advisory Board on Cyber Security.  Song was recommended by the faculty in the Digital Forensics & CyberSecurity program for the recently established cyber-security advisory board.  Song will spend two months this summer in Albany researching, analyzing and writing white paper recommendations on cyber security in six different areas such as transportation and utilities. Song said this internship is an “once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.”

Governor Cuomo discussed his plan for the Cyber Security Advisory Board in his State of the State Address. The Board will advise the administration on developments in cyber security and make recommendations for protecting the State’s infrastructure and information systems.

Song grew up in Union County, New Jersey and went to Cornell University for her undergraduate degree. Song worked as a business systems analyst on Wall Street for over 10 years while pursuing a professional acting career in her free time. After the economy collapsed in 2008, Song said many people in her field, like other fields, had to reevaluate their careers and goals. Despite the distraction of day-to-day life and varying perspectives from family and friends, Song says she reconnected with her “dream job.”

“Once my dream was to do decoy work for the police, like when they bust crime rings. You would feel like you are doing something for society, like your work means something,” said Song. “On Wall Street I felt I could get hit by a bus and it wouldn’t matter—no one would miss me. I decided I wanted to do something where I was using my skills, but actually improving society.”

Because the academic work can be rigorous, Song found a valuable support network in her classmates at John Jay. Working part-time and taking classes, at times, Song felt the pressure, however, she reflects that it was her classmates who inspired her to persevere.

“I’m at the point in my life when I’m actually looking for meaning instead of just making money. This will be a great stepping stone towards creating the life I always wanted– traveling the world and doing work that makes a difference.”

“When you get out of college, you don’t really know what you want to do, but you have an inkling. Then others can drown it out. This is like a second chance at doing the work I always dreamed of.”

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