Clips of the Week

Clips of the Week

Check out some of our latest links, including Aine Pennello's dispatch from the Golan Heights.

Check out some of our latest links, including Aine Pennello’s dispatch from the Golan Heights.

Check out some of our latest links from near and far:

•Alex Wolf produced a video about wine and tourism in Chile for the Santiago-based La Tercera.

•Sierra Leone Starks wrote about a new cookbook for Jezebel magazine.

•Andrew Welsch, working for The Montreal Gazette, profiled of a trio of entrepreneurs who created an app that lets users pick a cleaning service.

•Aine Pennello, working for Ynet News, reported on divisions among folks in the Golan Heights over the Syrian war.

•Elly Yu’s story about a program that gives inmates dogs to care for aired on Atlanta’s WABE-FM.

•Susie Armitage, working out of Moscow for NPR, contributed to this All Things Considered report about a trial stemming from protests against Russian President Vladimir Putin.

•Michael Russell, working for the Philadelphia Daily News, wrote about a program that helps feed the homeless.

•Casey Cipriani previewed “Drunk History” for Daily News readers.

•Maya Rajamani, reporting for the Mott Haven Herald, wrote about officials seeking community ideas to help improve the neighborhood.

•Agata Blaszczak-Boxe, working for Psychology Today, profiled a personal trainer who blogs about her comeback from abdominal woes.

•Jonathan Moffie wrote about Bear Gryll’s new show for The Active Times. Jess Scanlon wrote about a study that found exercise and obesity both increased over the last decade.

•Meredith Rosenberg profiled burlesque performer Lefty Lucy for The Village Voice.

•Angela Johnson contributed a piece to CNNMoney about veterans navigating a tough job market.

•Danielle Valente wrote a Shark Week preview for Newsday.

•Gabrielle Sierra reported on Eliot Spitzer’s return to electoral politics for Gothamist.

•The latest from The Nabe includes contributions by, among others, Jason Bisnoff, Lindsay Christ, Emily Field, Anna Teregulova, Philippe Theise and Amanda Woods.


A few offerings from our Alumni Corner:

•Kimie Bunyasaranand’s essay about what she learned by being a Braves fan made This I Believe.

•Lisa Riordan Seville earned a Dennis A. Hunt Health Journalism Fund grant to report on the challenge of providing health care and other services to the growing number of older people in Montana.

•Alex Robinson’s interview with former hockey star-turned-coach Lindy Ruff landed in the Edmonton Sun.

•Christopher Schuetze, reporting out of Budapest for the International Herald Tribune, wrote about a program aimed at preparing Roma students for graduate school.

Congrats to all – and keep ‘em coming!