Golnaz Fakhimi (’11) on the Indefinite Hold of Prisoners at Bagram Airfield in Afghanistan

Alum Golnaz Fakhimi (’11) spoke to Rolling Stone about the indefinite detention of prisoners at the prison near Bagam Airfield in Afghanistan. As with the detainees at Guantanamo Bay in Cuba, the detainees at Bagram have been held without charges or trials, some for nearly a decade. Fakhimi, a staff attorney with both the Economic Justice Project (EJP) and the Immigrant & Non-Citizen Rights Clinic (INRC), represents Amin Al-Bakri, a Yemeni detained without charge since 2002.

“The indefinite detention of Amin and other rendered non-Afghans at Bagram contrasts starkly with President Obama’s renewed promise to close Guantanamo,” said Fakhimi. “The contract reveals that his promise to close Guantanamo is not necessarily a promise to end the practice of indefinite detention that makes Guantanamo so problematic.”

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