After DOMA Ruling, State Bans on Same-Sex Marriage Likely Headed for Legal Challenges

August 5, 2013 | CUNY School of Law

A federal judge in Ohio recently ruled that the state must recognize the same-sex marriage of a gay couple, Jim Obergefell and John Arthur, who were married in Maryland. The couple wanted to ensure they could eventually be buried next to each other, but the family plot only allows spouses and Ohio bans gay marriage. While the decision only affects one couple, Distinguished Professor Ruthann Robson says the ruling will likely ripple. “The ruling is limited, but certainly the reasoning and the rationale are not limited,” said Robson.

Distinguished Professor Robson

Distinguished Professor Robson

Prof. Robson is an expert on constitutional law and sexuality issues and is the co-editor of the Constitutional Law Professors Blog.  Prof. Robson’s upcoming book, Dressing Constitutionally, will be available August 15, 2013.

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