Guttman Begins Its ‘First’ Second Year Program

Stella and Charles Guttman Community College will welcome its second entering class of approximately 324 students on August 19 as part of the Summer Bridge Program. This required 12-day session is a hallmark of the College’s educational model. It provides first-year students a smooth transition between high school and college by ensuring they are prepared for college-level coursework. Students complete assignments similar to those that will be required during the first-year program and learn strategies for success. Activities during the Summer Bridge Program include a group project exploring the concept of place in New York City, field experiences using New York City as an extended classroom and the creation of an electronic portfolio (ePortfolio) where students will archive their college work.

The College will also hold its ‘first’ second-year program for students from the inaugural class, who will major in one of five associate degree programs: Business Administration, Human Services, Information Technology, Liberal Arts and Sciences, and Urban Studies. Students entering the College in fall 2013 will also have the opportunity to major in the Health Information Technology program.

Additionally, the Office of Partnerships & Community Engagement (OPCE) will be expanding partnerships opportunities by assisting students in the Human Services program with their two required field experiences. OPCE has been working closely with the human services faculty to develop the framework for the fieldwork process and to establish community partnerships. Students who have selected the Information Technology and Liberal Arts and Sciences programs have an optional internship, and the OPCE will be working with the faculty and the Career Strategist to facilitate their field experiences when elective courses are offered.

“We congratulate our inaugural class as they return for their second year and move toward graduation and welcome our second class and wish them every success as they embark on their college journey,” noted Guttman President Scot E. Evenbeck.