Prof. Rossein on Discrimination Lawsuit Against Infosys

Professor Rick Rossein commented on a discrimination lawsuit that has been filed against Infosys, a global software company.

“There aren’t a lot of cases like this. It certainly raises some great issues,” Rossein told Human Resource Executive Online. He continued, “The strength of her evidence, from my reading of the case, will be a statistical evidentiary case.”

Prof. Rossein

Prof. Rossein

Prof. Rossein teaches the Equality Concentration and courses on employment discrimination, employment law, and trial practice. His extensive background in civil rights and employment law includes work at the National Employment Law Project, Queens Legal Services, New York City Bureau of Labor Services, and New York City Commission on Human Rights. He drafted an affirmative action plan for the City of New York and was appointed by Mayor David N. Dinkins to a four-year term as Commissioner of the City of New York Equal Employment Practices Commission and by Governor Mario Cuomo to serve on his Task Force on Sexual Harassment. He was appointed the Independent EEO Compliance Consultant pursuant to the federal court Remedial Order in the case of U.S. v. City of New York, after the court found racial discrimination against the New York City Fire Department.

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