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Pilot Project for Onboarding Website

CUNY’s Office of Human Resources Management (OHRM) now has an onboarding website for new Central Office employees. This is a pilot project; OHRM is trying it out for its own newly hired staffers to see if it will be useful throughout the University.
It will allow new hires joining the Central Office to access HR forms and policies, get required training, and review benefits and payroll information weeks before they actually sit down at their desks.
Designed by OHRM in collaboration with Central Office Web Services and the University’s Office of Communications and Marketing, the new website features a welcome video and a “subway stop” theme to guide new employees through the onboarding process.

To take a look at how it works: for “HR onboard”

Help Finding Care for Aging Relatives

DO YOU NEED HELP organizing services and care for an elderly relative? Whether that relative lives nearby or at a distance, the answer may be in hiring a Geriatric Care Manager.

As a benefit to CUNY employees, Corporate Counseling Associates (CCA), which administers CUNY’s Work/Life Program, can help your family find such a manager.

Although these managers often charge a fee, the efforts of CCA to locate an appropriate one are free to all CUNY employees and their relatives. Simply call the CCA hotline at (800) 833-8707.

Imagine how much easier this would make finding a manager for a relative who lives many miles away.

Geriatric Care Managers offer a wide array of services, often including crisis intervention and counseling. Some can help to manage bill paying and housing issues. And although they don’t provide hands-on care, they often can help to arrange it and help to ensure a care plan is followed. These managers come from a variety of backgrounds, including social work, nursing and counseling and often have master’s degrees in their fields.

Many geriatric experts believe that the fee paid to a care manager is money well spent; it may help you to save when it comes to the big picture.

More information is available in “Lifelines,” the CCA newsletter that was sent to employees as an email attachment. For a broad view from the National Association of Professional Geriatric Care Managers, visit

Employee Status in Same-Sex Relationships

AS MOST CUNY EMPLOYEES now know, on June 26 the portion of the “Defense of Marriage Act” that limited the definition of “marriage” and “spouse” to opposite-sex couples was ruled unconstitutional by the United States Supreme Court.

If you are a CUNY employee involved in a same-sex relationship, what this means depends a great deal on whether you and your partner are legally married and whether the marriage is recognized in the state where you live.

In short: It’s complicated. But soon CUNY will be there to help figure it out.

The June ruling impacts the definition of marriage and spousal status regarding more than 1,000 laws and regulations.
According to Leslie Williams, University executive director of Shared Services, “You and your partner may now have access to a myriad of new rights, responsibilities and benefits that may affect everything from your tax and immigration status to your eligibility for family leave and public housing assistance.” He advises consulting a tax adviser and emphasizes that, “The implications to CUNY’s policies and benefit programs will need to be researched and will be announced shortly.”