Medgar Evers College President Rudolph F. Crew Delivers His First State of the College Address

Strategic Objectives Include Plans for Increased Enrollment, Retention and Graduation as well as Student Leadership and Globalization

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Brooklyn, NY – Newly-appointed Medgar Evers College President Dr. Rudolph F. Crew delivered his first State of the College address yesterday in the Founders Auditorium at the College’s main campus.  More than 400 people were present as Dr. Crew spoke before an audience of faculty, staff, alumni, students, members of the clergy, and special guests, including Medgar Evers College Foundation Board Member Dr. Marcella Maxwell and NAACP New York State Conference President Hazel Dukes.

In his first official remarks since assuming the presidency of Medgar Evers College on August 1, President Crew acknowledged that while the College has faced some difficulties in the past few years, moving forward he anticipated working with everyone and sharing his vision for the institution’s growth and success.  He stressed the importance of preparing students to compete in a global economy providing them with greater opportunities for employment in the healthcare and financial industries as examples, and outlined plans to accomplish his vision.

President Crew discussed plans to create education compacts using high schools as feeders for enrollment to Medgar Evers, develop new and exciting internships and externship opportunities, provide access to new and innovative career options, as well as establish new career pathways to a global marketplace.

He underscored the significance of scholarship and research being the intellectual core that drives the faculty, staff and students, and the importance of building capacity to leverage partnerships helping to provide access to successful careers for graduates.

“We must focus on preparing our students to compete in a rapidly-changing global economy to meet the challenges head-on,” said President Crew.  “We will work early on with elementary and middle schools to create a pipeline of students who are ready to compete among the best and brightest locally, nationally and globally to enhance growth and advancement beyond our community.”

President Crew talked about the role that Medgar Evers College has historically played as a voice for social justice and academic freedom, and of taking advantage of the vibrant cultures in the community to create new areas of study in the arts, education and law to provide solutions for new and exciting accomplishments. Leadership and development training, and activities like the study abroad program and internships will be incorporated starting with the freshman year experience; students will receive ongoing academic and other necessary supports to remain successful throughout and beyond their time at the college.

“Everything out there is a piece of artwork waiting to be molded and shaped into a future; therefore, we must build partnerships and create meaningful mentoring and networking opportunities that will move our students from graduation straight into employment or onto graduate or professional studies,” continued President Crew.  “If we don’t give our students access to the world, they won’t stand a chance.”

Citing the growing interest in Medgar Evers as a first-choice for higher education among new applicants, Dr. Crew spoke about the increasing number of students applying to the College and efforts being undertaken to retain them once enrolled. By creating feeder programs through public schools or via entrepreneurship options like educational management organizations where the College can partner with schools, students will come to Medgar having been prepared early on for a higher education experience and success.

President Crew also touched briefly on some of the successes of the past year including more than $50 million in capital improvements like the Library Expansion and the new Welcome Center projects, the implementation of multiple strategies to improve student outcomes such as CUNY Start, Immersion programs, as well as course redesign and enhancements, the re-establishment of a Writing Center, and more than $10 million in grants received during 2012-2013.

President Crew’s address was followed by a reception held in the Amphitheater on the main campus where he spent time welcoming and talking with faculty, staff, students and guests.


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