Nick Widzowski (’14) Helps Draft Environmental Plan for New York City

One of the highlights of this past summer for Nick Widzowski (’14) was putting together an environmental plan for New York City. In drafting the plan, Widzowski put his legal knowledge and skills to work. He reviewed the Clean Air Act and the New York City Department of Environmental Protection’s implementation of it. He also analyzed Mayor Bloomberg’s Stronger, More Resilient New York Plan, in addition to several related environmental impact statements, to propose an implementation plan that would work in conjunction with the next administration.

Widzowski developed the plan for Costa Constantinides. Constantinides is running for New York City Council, and Widzowski is serving as his policy director.

Costa Constantinides and Nick Widzowski (’14)

Costa Constantinides and Nick Widzowski (’14)


When other policy proposals were suggested, Widzowski reviewed the applicable state or federal law to ensure that the proposal was within the power of the City Council. He also reviewed Campaign Finance Board statutes and regulations to ensure that the campaign was in compliance with the New York City Campaign Finance Act.

Last summer, Widzowski interned with New York City Councilmember James Gennaro, researching and drafting a bill that would make it easier for property owners to locate and access information on adopting renewable energy systems. That bill was ultimately signed into law.