Medgar Evers College Hosts Discussion on the Impact of the Trayvon Martin Case

BROOKLYN – Medgar Evers College’s Male Development Empowerment Center and the Freshman Year Program will host a discussion, today, Thursday, September 26 at 6:30 PM in Founders Auditorium at 1650 Bedford Avenue in Brooklyn.

The discussion which will focus on the Trayvon Martin case and its impact on the African American community will also look at the relationship between the Martin case in Sanford, Florida, and a series of racially motivated killings in New York City. From the Clifford Glover case in 1973 to the Kimani Gray case in 2013, the discussion will analyze a range of factors contributing to these killings, and propose strategies to alleviate and eliminate this problem.

“Following the outcome of the Trayvon Martin case, we are left wondering where we go from here,” said Dr. Gerald White-Davis, Academic Advisor/Instructor Freshman Year Program. “And in a city – and a community – that is largely representative of Trayvon Martins and Kimani Grays, we must stay focused on the dialogue and move toward a more refined and political strategy for enacting progressive legislation that looks at the issue of racial profiling – and not just from a law enforcement perspective.”

The panelists comprise a multidimensional array of scholars, attorneys, and academics from a wide array of disciplines.  Dr. Donna Wright, Associate Professor of Education, Mr. Frank Riley, lecturer in History, Colin A. Moore, civil rights litigator, Ken Thompson, Democratic nominee for District Attorney, Kings County, and Carol Gray, mother of Kimani Gray, a victim of a fatal police shooting.

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